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Rise and Hustle

Sep 29, 2017

Six-pack abs and chiseled arms are great, but what about your spiritual muscle? Mike Whitfield, the author of Rise and Hustle, reveals a powerful routine you can put into place today to build up spiritual muscle so that when challenges and adversity strikes, you'll be able to handle it. You'll see his exact spiritual...

Sep 27, 2017

Is it really worth it to invest in programs, coaches, and books? Mike Whitfield tells all in this episode. You'll discover the #1 key you MUST have before investing in coaching, books, or programs. You may also be challenged and maybe even offended (don't worry - there's no cursing of course). Get the truth on investing...

Sep 25, 2017

Mike Whitfield, who lost 115 pounds and author of Rise and Hustle, reveals the simplest diet and exercise template for the busiest of people. You'll even discover how you can eat MORE at dinner with this powerful approach. Plus, you'll get the secret to short workouts and what Mike does for exercise when he's...

Sep 22, 2017

Storms of financial strain, guilt, doubt, hardships, and more can attack us much like the most recent hurricanes. Frustration kicks in and we feel helpless. In today's episode, author of Rise and Hustle Mike Whitfield reveals some inspiration and perspective on handling life's storms. It's short, but very powerful.

Sep 20, 2017

Technology can be a huge distraction, but if used right, it can make your life so much easier. In this special episode, author of Rise and Hustle Mike Whitfield shows you 5 free apps he uses to help him get more done in less time plus make his life so much easier. You'll learn how to use these apps to get more done, too.