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Rise and Hustle

Jan 31, 2018

Mike Whitfield, the "easy-going" coach and author of Rise and Hustle complaining? Yep, you heard it right. You'll hear what his silly complaint was over 15 years ago and how it impacts him today. You'll also be invited to his challenge and the strange stocking stuff he gave his wife on Christmas day. All of this and...

Jan 29, 2018

Want to get more out of your exercise program? You'll want to listen to this. Mike reveals the perfect resistance to use for your exercise program when it comes to dumbbells, kettlebells, and even your own bodyweight. You'll learn how to get more fat-burning out of your exercise program and the secret to progress so you...

Jan 26, 2018

Mike Whitfield, author of Rise and Hustle, reveals what should be your #1 priority this year. No matter what your goals are physically or personally, you'll want to pause and listen to this. This simple action will completely revolutionize your growth this year. You'll see why as you listen in.

Jan 24, 2018

Inspirational coach and author Mike Whitfield shows you how to get better at virtually anything even faster. Be prepared for a little sarcasm and politically incorrectness. You'll also learn how to "shift" your view of time so you get closer to your dreams.

Jan 22, 2018

Coach and author Mike Whitfield reveals his "Specifics" exercise that takes only a few minutes but will completely change the way you look at your weight loss goals. And because he's lost 115 pounds and has kept it off for almost 15 years now, he's speaking from experience. This simple exercise will make a big impact...